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Airport Parking

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  • $1.00 for 1 to 30 minutes
  • $2.00 for 31 to 60 minutes
  • $2.00 for each additional hour (and any part thereof)
  • The maximum parking rate is $24.00 a Day

Parking calculations are based on time of entry, not entry date, and run on a 24-hour period (Please do not leave your exit ticket on the dashboard in the hot sun).

NO motorcycles, large RVs, or vehicles pulling trailers are permitted in the paid parking lots.  There are no accommodations for RVs or vehicles pulling trailers at the Airport.  

There are nine (9) signs posted along the curb near the taxi lane marking three (3) hour maximum parking spaces. The parking spaces along this curb are set up for individuals that are just running in to pick up and drop off passengers.


Credit Card ONLY Lot 

Located Near the Main Airport Entrance (first lot on the right-hand side)

Do not enter if you don’t have a credit card w/ a CHIP!! 

The paid parking facility at the terminal is operated by SP Plus Corporation (Open 24/7) To contact them directly, please call 541-548-7039. Payment can be made with cash, debit card or Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express – checks are not accepted.

A staffed exit booth serving the entire parking lot operates 24/7 and accepts both cash and credit cards. There is also a credit card-only exit.

Please remember the curb at the front of the Airport Terminal is for active loading and unloading only. There is absolutely no waiting or unattended vehicles allowed at any time. No exceptions! Unauthorized waiting and/or parking violations are subject to a $150.00 citation. 

All Parking Citation Appeals must be in writing and sent to [email protected]. Please do not call the Airport to appeal.

Airport Cell Phone Waiting Area:

The Airport Cell Phone Waiting Area is a convenient alternative for those waiting in their vehicle to pick up friends and family at the airport.  The “Cell Phone Area” is located on SE Salmon Drive, adjacent to the Airport, and is marked with directional signs along SE Airport Way

Vehicle Assistance:

Should you return from your trip to find your battery is dead, the airport security office has a portable battery jump starter available for customer use. Snow shovels are also available for customer use. Please contact RAMS Security at 541-410-9827

Bicycle Parking:

Bicycles can be locked up in the racks located at the West end of the Main Terminal building. Bicycle parking is free.

Motorcycle Parking (Public and Employee):

The Motorcycle Parking area is a designated area for both the general public and Airport employees. Motorcycle parking is free of charge and located in the Airport vendor parking lot on the West end of the Main Airport Terminal (see map below) Please email the Airport Administrative Office at [email protected] to arrange motorcycle parking prior to departure by providing your name, contact information, motorcycle license plate, and the dates your motorcycle will be parked in the lot.

Extended Parking:

Please make prior arrangements with SP Plus Parking if your vehicle will be parked for more than 30 days in either of the Airport Parking Lots. Without advance consent, your vehicle is subject to towing at your expense. Call (541) 548-7039 or e-mail [email protected]

Airport Employee and Vendor Parking:
  • Airport Employee Parking:
    • All RDM Terminal Employees are required to obtain an Airport Identification Badge or Security Badge (AOA or SIDA badge) upon hire at the Redmond Airport.  Badge applications are provided to you by your employer. The employee parking lot is provided for employees during their working hours at the Airport ONLY. No parking during non-working hours or NO Overnight parking is permitted for employees traveling for personal reasons at ANY time. ACTIVITY AND PARKING PERMITS. Activity and Parking permits are REQUIRED for all Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Businesses wishing to do business, host events, or provide transportation or other services in the Main Airport Terminal, Parking lot, and on Airport Property.
  • Airport Vendor Parking:
    • The Airport Vendor Parking Lot is located at the Southwest Entrance of the Main Terminal Facility. The Vendor Parking area is only for authorized business pick up, delivery, and drop-off.  All Vehicles must display proper signage and/or vendor parking permit and are allowed up to 60 minutes unless otherwise authorized by Airport Administration. View Vendor/Cargo Parking Lot Rules
    City of Redmond Airport Rules and Regulations: 3.4 Commercial Activity states the following: “No person or entity shall occupy or rent space, nor conduct any business, commercial activity or enterprise, or another form of revenue-producing activity on the Airport without first obtaining a written lease, permit or another form of written agreement and authorization from the Airport Director, unless specifically acknowledged and waived by the Airport Director. Commercial aeronautical activities are governed by the Airport Minimum Standards. For more information, please contact [email protected]

To report a security problem at the Airport call 911 for emergency response or RAMS Airport Security at (541) 410-9827. Please email the Airport at [email protected] for non-emergency notifications.

Always remember: “If You See Something, Say Something!”

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