Please Check with Your Air Carrier Directly for Flight Status Updates & Cancellations

Fixed Based Operators


Skyservice is a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) at Roberts Field (North Ramp). Please visit Skyservice website or call 541-504-3848 to learn more about the services offered.  Services available via UNICOM freq. 122.85.

RDM does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays to its services as a result of circumstances beyond its control including (but not limited to) traffic congestion, road accidents, flight delays, security alerts, and severe weather conditions.


If commercial airport service doesn’t fit your needs or schedule, you may want to consider on-demand air charter service which can take you conveniently from the airport closest to you directly into Bend, Oregon. For more information please contact: 

Business Air – 541.323.5494  

Professional Air – 541.388.0019

Devinaire – 971.999.1759

Seattle Center has published a Letter to Airmen about the congested airspace in Central Oregon. They also have produced a poster that will be distributed to local FBOs and flight schools. The poster has a link to Mike Kloch’s Central Oregon Safety page, which hosts the LTA, poster and a video featuring actual traffic scenarios from Central Oregon. This video shows the Redmond, OR area from the controllers point of view. There is a lot of congestion in the area and VFR aircraft can cause issues for IFR traffic into RDM.  Please feel free to distribute this information to any and all of your pilot friends and students.

Low flying aircraft is also a safety concern and should be addressed by the appropriate regional FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)Federal Aviation Regulations state the minimum altitude requirements for aircraft. 

Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) Oregon
3180 NE Century Blvd Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Phone: (503) 615-3200 or (800) 847-3806 Fax: (503) 615-3300 
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Pacific Time Monday – Friday 

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